Home Architects in Singapore

Singapore is home to world's some of the finest architects. Singapore's sky line can be attributed mostly to the home architects of Singapore, who worked in collaboration with the different international architects. EDAW Incorporated, Alsop Design, Cicada, WOHA Architects, EDAW Singapore and ARUP Singapore are some of the renowned companies of the home architects of Singapore. Various books on the home architects in Singapore are available in the market.

Some of the Renowned Home Architect Companies EDAW Incorporated
Alsop Design
WOHA Architects
EDAW Singapore and
ARUP Singapore
Books on the Home Architects in Singapore

Jane Doughty Marsden's "New Asian Style: Contemporary Tropical Living in Singapore"
Robert K. Home's "Of Planting and Planning: The Making of British Colonial Cities
Geoffrey London's "Houses for the 21st Century"
William Siew Wai Lim's "Asian Ethical Urbanism: A Radical Postmodern Perspective"
Marc Treib's "The Architecture of Landscape"
Carl A. Trocki's "Singapore: Wealth, Power and the Culture of Control"
Ryan Bishop's "Beyond Description: Singapore Space Historicity"

The Project---"Gardens by the Bay "
The Gardens by the Bay is the name of the project for developing 3 important parks in Singapore's Marina Bay Area by the architects of Singapore. The project was officially declared on August 2005 by Lee Hsien Loong, the Prime Minister of Singapore in the National Day Rally. About 94 hectares of land will be made available for developing the Park that will be the next botanical garden in Singapore and will house a conservatory as well.

The Three Gardens of the 'Gardens by the Bay Project'
Encircling the Marina Channel and the Marina Bay, 3 gardens will be developed. Bridges will be constructed which will give easy access to the gardens.

The Marina Centre Garden
The large stretch of land by the Marina Centre's Promenade which measures about 10 hectares in area will connect the two other portions with Marina Promenade and the remaining parks in Singapore will also be linked with the Kallang Park Connector.

The Marina East Garden
The Marina Channel located on the Marina East will be linked to the East Coast Park's eastern portion. It will be a theme park that will host recreational facilities and different types of water sports like sculling, water skiing and canoeing. Along the Marina Channel, Dragon boat races will be organized.

The Marina South Garden
The plot at the Marina South which measures about 54 hectares and the Marina City Park Which occupies a total area of 30hectares will also be transformed, along with the development of the upcoming park. Plants collected from all over the world will be displayed in a conservatory that will regulate the climate inside. The Singapore Garden Festival will be hosted in the conservatory in the near future. The Marina Barrage which i is being constructed now will be linked to this place.

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