Housing Websites in Singapore

The housing websites in Singapore help us in getting acquainted with the country's housing market. The housing websites in Singapore offer a comprehensive knowledge and idea about the different types of residential properties available there. You can also select your own residential property in your preferred location by visiting the housing websites in Singapore. The main housing websites in Singapore are

and www.sublet.com.
This is the official website of the CityState Singapore Private Limited, which provides suitable accommodations for the expatriates in Singapore.

This website gives us a clear knowledge of the different types of residential properties available in Singapore which are as follows


Bungalows are usually built in the outskirts of the city, in a tranquil and calm ambience. The bungalows come at a high price which may range from $1.5 million up to $7 million. Prices of the rented bungalows may vary from $4000 up to $35000.


Townhouses are considered the best residential properties. Townhouses are provided with all the luxuries and facilities essential for a comfortable life-style like fitness centers, swimming pools, tennis courts etc. The cost of the rented townhouses can vary from $6000 to $15000.

Cluster Houses

Cluster houses are separate homes housed in a wide patch of land and are provided with all the luxuries and comforts. These are usually built taking the expatriates in consideration. The rental charges of the cluster houses are comparatively cheaper than the individual homes and may range anywhere from $8500 to $14000.

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