Singapore Institute of Landscape Architects

Singapore Institute of Landscape Architects is the representative body of Landscape Architects in the Republic of Singapore. SILA(Singapore Institute of Landscape Architects) was established by a small group of landscape architects in 1985. The Objectives of SILA are to advance and promote the concept of landscape architecture in town planning. It also desires to promote research and education in the field as well as maintain a high level of professionalism. The member architects wish to promote and advance the art of landscape architecture in civic design in Singapore environment.

The current members of the Council of SILA are:

Mr Otto Fung Wai Chan - President
Mr Tan Peck Cheong - 2nd Vice President
Mr Peter Bridgewater - Honorary Secretary
Terrence Fernando - Treasurer
Mr Damian Tang - Council Member - Awards
Mr Stephen Caffyn - Council Member - Programmes & Activities
Mr Henry Steed - Council Member - Professional Practice
Mr Chia Jui Siang - Council Member - Social Events & Conferences
Mr Martin Lee Choy - Council Member - Publications

The institute is confident of expanding its current membership of 65 members by increasing public awareness and educating the public about good and healthy designs of buildings and the surrounding environment. SILA has been actively advising the Government on landscaping the city area. SILA members actively participate in conferences and meetings organized by related professionals and upgrade their knowledge on the new ideas and technologies in the field of landscaping. The SILA members also organize informal meetings which lead to information and knowledge exchange of landscape architecture in and around Singapore.

The institute publishes and circulates an in-house journal called Landscape East for increasing awareness of the field of landscape architecture and discussing its importance in making Singapore a better place to live.

Landscape Architecture implies designing and organizing external spaces in order to optimize the land and its existing environment to suit the society better while constructing a building on a particular site. In a country like Singapore where land is scarce and comes at a premium rate, it becomes more essential to plan not only the building but the entire site for sustainable growth of the area.

A Landscape Architect is thus required when the project is being planned and perfect co-ordination is essential amongst the Client, the Contractor and the Landscape Architect. Focus Singapore thus gives exhaustive information on Singapore Institute of Landscape Architects.

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