Applying for Driving License in Singapore

Willing to obtain an original driving license but do not know the proper way to obtain it! To obtain a driving license one has to know the application rules. Applying for driving license in Singapore is based on certain criteria that should be fulfilled. Here is offering a comprehensive insight about applying for driving license in Singapore.

The minimum age requirement to apply for driving license in Singapore is eighteen years. A class3 driving license is required to drive a car, while a Class 2B riding license is necessary to drive a scooter or motor bike.

To get a Class3 driving license one has to apply for a Provisional Driving License. Here one will be offered driving lessons on the road.Next one has to appear for the Basic Driving Theory Test. After qualification on the test one will get the Provisional Driving License and be qualified to sit for the Final Driving Theory Test. The application forms for these tests are available in any of the driving test centers in Singapore.

Driving lessons are provided by qualified instructor licensed by the Traffic Police to train the examinees. One can also opt for a course with the following driving centers -Comfort Driving Centre, Bukit Batok Driving Centre and Singapore Safety Driving Centre.

To apply for the Basic Driving Theory Test one has to go to any of the above mentioned driving centers with his identity card and passport to collect the application form. The application fee is S$6 per test. The results are published two weeks after the date of the test.

To apply for a Provisional Driving License one needs to appear at the test centre in person along with the identity card. Here the examinee will have to go through an eye test.
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