Automobile Association of Singapore

The Automobile Association of Singapore (AA) was established in 1907. It has more than 77,000 members. Its main aim is to serve and fulfill the motoring needs of Singaporeans and represent them in the international motoring arena. The Association acts as a medium as well as an emissary for the motorists of Singapore and serves as a link amid the motoring community and the concerned authorities.

AA members can benefit from immediate roadside aid and support in an emergency. The members can also avail themselves of the advantages and rights offered by Automobile Association of Singapore at a multitude of motoring and lifestyle shops both in the local vicinity as well as globally. AA's dream is to do extremely well as a leader in quality automobile recovery and motoring services in Singapore. Singapore Automobile Association provides the following services, facilities and benefits to its members.

Global Advantages of AA

Mutual breakdown service is offered to members in over 120 countries.
Free Personal Accident Insurance coverage worth S$20,000 among universal members.
Benefit from attractive offers on housing, entertainment, food and retail in North America, Europe, Japan, South Korea and Australia with the AA card and ‘Show Your Card & Save®' method.
Cut-rate charges for Hertz car rentals abroad reserved through AA in Singapore.

Services of AA

Round the clock roadside aid and services in Singapore during an emergency.
AA batteries with unlimited warranty and 24-hour delivery service
Workshops conducted by AA or approved by AA.
Car appraisal, car assessment and scrap car services
Auto-Ventures™, activities and courses
Advice regarding vehicles and motoring.
Exclusive right and power to issue International Driving Permits
Allotted centre for road tax collection.
Insurance and indemnity services

Benefits & Privileges for members of AA.

A discount of 5% on petrol or the prevailing discount of the station.
Tire shops recommended by AA
Free entry to Jackpot facilities at AA Centre and AA Branch Office
Free Highway magazine
Concessions / refunds at a extensive range of motoring and lifestyle outlets in Singapore.

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