Driving in Singapore

Driving in Singapore is almost like other western countries leaving certain exceptions. Driving in Singapore generally operates in the left hand side of the road. The streets are always filled with a huge number of public transportation systems. Hence traffic in Singapore is strict and rigid featuring certain rules and regulations. There are close circuit cameras in the major roads. Driving rules in Singapore is all about the norms of driving in the roundabouts, junctions, overtaking, road signals, parking and offences. Here is focussingapore providing insight on driving in Singapore.

The driving speed limit of vehicles traveling in Singapore is 50 in the city and 80 on the expressways. Traffic on the roundabout is clockwise. While turning on the right side one have to take the three quarters. While entering a roundabout one should choose the correct way since it might be difficult to exit if one is in the wrong lane.

The traffic from the right on uncontrolled junctions is right of way. According to the rule of overtaking one should always try to overtake from the right hand side if necessary. On large junctions there is the traffic rule to give way to the vehicles coming from the opposite direction. As soon as traffic light lights up into green the traffic in the opposite side is cleared and one can proceed driving.

With the green light the newer vehicles traveling from other side of the road will stop. A flashing arrow on the traffic signifies to stop.

There are certain parking rules that need to be followed. A two way road with parallel white lines in the center means parking is not allowed on either side of the road. Parking is not allowed between 7 am to 7 pm in week days on roads with continuous yellow lines. Roads with double zigzag yellow lines along the side of the road prohibits parking or stopping at this side of the road at any time.

While committing a traffic offence, a driver can be seized off his licenses in extremes. He will have to pay fines in light offences. Some of the offences include speeding at more than 20km/h, failing to maintain traffic signals, reckless driving, using mobile phones while driving without any hands free device and driving while being addicted to alcohol.

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