Kiasuism in Singapore

Kiasuism or the "the fear of losing out" is the much hyped word in Singapore.Kiasuism refers to experiencing inconvenience, failure and trouble due to execution of certain action.The Kiasu attitude is considered to be an exclusive philosophy of Singapore.'Kia-suism' in Singapore is the core philosophy behind the construction of rules and regulations in different segments and spheres in society.It is the concept of Kia-suism in Singapore that has led to the depiction of several rules to prevent inconvenience and trouble in the public.

There are stringent rules regarding acquiring of local and foreign driving license. The traffic rules is not much variant from the western countries.

There goes the rule to drive on the left side road. The rules are bit complex in the roundabouts, overtaking and junction. There are several restricted zones in Singapore that should known. The rules regarding parking, road signals, car insurance, hiring taxis and using of car headlights should be made aware of. The following links provide a comprehensive insight on the road rules and regulations in Singapore. Browse the following links for an extensive overview of the road rules and regulations in Singapore:

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  Obtaining Foreign Driving License for Singapore
  Obtaining Driving License Singapore
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  Driving Singapore
  "Kiasu-ism" Singapore
  Restricted Zones Singapore
  Parking Singapore
  Car Insurance Singapore
  Taking a Taxi Singapore
  Using Car Headlights Singapore
  Automobile Association of Singapore

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