Obtaining Foreign Driving License for Singapore

Obtaining foreign driving license for Singapore is a must for the foreigners who are in travel to Singapore for more than six months. Permanent residents who visited Singapore for employment or the student community who appeared Singapore for some educational purpose need to convert their foreign driving license to Singapore license if they desire to stay in this south East Asian city for more than six months. One needs to sit for the local Basic Theory Test before being allowed to convert foreign driving license to a Singapore license.

People settling in Sinagpore for less than six months are required to convert their license. They can drive in Singapore with a valid International driving license from their own country or Singapore Automobile Association. Focussingapore.com offers light in obtaining foreign driving license for Sinagpore.

Singapore Driving Test Centre 3, Bukit Batok Driving Centre 815 and Comfort Driving Centre 215 are the three main centers for obtaining foreign driving licenses for Singapore. One has to collect the application form to appear for the Basic Driving Theory Test showing the following documents:

A valid foreign driving license
Passport and identity card
The result slips of the Basic Driving Theory Test
A certification from the licensing authority of the date of test

An official English translation of the license if the license does not appear in English originally

Transcript of studies of Singaporean/PR who had studied abroad
Income tax documents of Singaporean/PR who had worked abroad

A class 3 driving license is required to drive a car, while a Class 2B riding license is necessary to drive a scooter or motor bike. To get a Class 3 driving license one has to apply for a Provisional Driving License. The Provisional Driving License (PDL) can be obtained after clearance of the Basic Driving Theory Test.

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