Parking in Singapore

There are certain rules and regulations regarding to parking in Singapore. An organized parking facility is necessary due to the profusion of vehicles from private cars to state owned transports. There is availability of parking in Singapore in every housing block and in the major commercial areas like the city center. There are also many underground parking centers in Singapore. Here is focussisngapore providing complete insight about parking in Singapore.

Parking in Singapore is prohibited in certain road signals that is very important to be aware of. Parking is not allowed in either side of a two way road having continuous parallel white lines in the center.

Roads with zigzag yellow lines on their side do not allow parking except for immediate pickups or drops. No parking is allowed on roads with double zigzag yellow lines on their side.

Parking fees are available in an affordable rate. The parking fee is $2 per hour in any URA parking lot. Nowadays parking coupons have become very popular. The parking coupons can be collected from any grocery shops, supermarkets or shopping outlets. Some other ways of paying parking fees can be through entry ticket systems and auto payment devices.

For paying the additional tax for accessing a restricted zone in Singapore it is ideal to buy an electronic cash card device that will deduct ERP (Electronic Road Pricing) charges from the cash card.

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