Restricted Zones in Singapore

One of the premier communication hubs of Asia Singapore boasts of a state of the art transportation network. The country's domestic transport includes a well constructed road transport system with a good number of expressways. The traffic rules is not much variant from the western countries. There goes the rule to drive on the left side road. The rules are bit complex in the roundabouts, overtaking and junction. There are several restricted zones in Singapore that should known.

For accessing the restricted zones in Singapore an additional road tax has to be paid during the peak hours in the week days.

The city center is one of the important restricted zones in Singapore. The additional road tax is paid through the Electronic Road Pricing or ERP system. The ERP system with the aid of a radio communication system deducts ERP charges from cash cards inserted in the In-vehicle Units (IUs) of conveyances. The In-vehicle Unit or IU device is attached to the windscreen of the car. As soon as a vehicle enters a restricted area the ERP machine deducts the additional amount for the tax from the cash card automatically.

The charges can be of any amount from $0.50 to $2.50 depending on the time one enters the zone.

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