Taking a Taxi in Singapore

Taxi is a popular transport mode in Singapore. Taking a taxi in Singapore involves certain steps and norms. A wide number of taxi companies are always available at the service. Bookings can be done in person or through phone. Taxis arrive within few minutes of booking. There are certain taxi operators where taxi bookings after midnight are free. Taxi services have developed and improvised with the introduction of world class satellite tracking and electronic booking systems.

Taxi rates are affordable and reasonable in the taxi companies in Singapore. There are five taxi companies in Singapore. Taxis have stops in the taxi stands from where people avail them in turn by turn lining in a queue.

Sometimes hailing taxis in Singapore really become a miserable experience. A person can take the same taxi that you are looking for walking few steps ahead of you. Again there can be without passenger taxis that do not stop even when you bid them to stop. This may happen when the taxis change their shifts. These taxis will have a red label on their windscreen that signifies that taxis will change their shifts and will not take passengers for the time being.

One has to stand in the queue and wait for the taxi patiently for taking a taxi in Singapore.

Taxis can be booked in advance via phone. In this case the taxis will reach the desired destination within few minutes. Additional charges are required for hiring passengers from places like Singapore Expo Centre and Changi International Airport.

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