Traffic in Singapore

Do you know that Singapore is actually a pioneer when it comes to taming traffic? This beautiful island-city has a very well organized communication network. Traffic here is strict, which is very much required to control the heavy transportation of this place. Here, the streets are filled with huge transportation system all the time. Traffic in Singapore is actually very strict and rigid abiding the rules and regulations. To get an insight just have a look!

Singapore Traffic Rules

The traffic rules in Singapore speak about the norms in the road signals, junctions, roundabouts, striping, overtaking and other offences. Closed circuit cameras are installed in some of the major roads of Singapore.

It helps in monitoring and maintaining extensive traffic along the busiest roads. The road signs in Singapore are conventional and conform to the Highway Code, which is under the authority of Singapore Traffic Police. The maximum speed limit for any vehicle is 50 within the city and on the expressways, it is 80. One has to be very careful while entering a roundabout where traffic rule is clockwise. If you are in the wrong lane then it might get difficult for you to exit because of heavy traffic.

Moreover, according to the traffic rule of overtaking in Singapore, one should try to overtake from the right hand side. However, on the large junctions there are certain rules for giving way to the vehicles that are coming from the opposite directions. The flashing arrow signal signifies to stop. The double zigzag yellow colored lines along the sides of the road prohibit any sort of stopping and parking. From 7 am to 7 pm in weekdays, parking is not allowed on roads where you will find continuous yellow lines

Traffic Offences in Singapore

One has to follow the traffic guidelines and norms while driving in Singapore. The common traffic offences are as follows

Parking Offences
  • Parking at unbroken double yellow lines
  • Parking opposite continuous white line
  • Parking at unbroken single yellow line
  • Parking within 6 meters of a junction
  • Parking within 9 meters of a bus stop
  • Parking in a manner as to cause unnecessary obstruction
  • Parking opposite continuous double white lines
  • Parking on the footway of a public road
Moving Offences
  • Speeding
  • Crossing double white lines
  • Driving in a bus lane during prohibited hours
  • Driving or stopping on shoulder of an expressway
  • Failing to conform to traffic red light signal

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