Using Car Headlights in Singapore

Using car headlights in Singapore is mandatory between 7 pm and 7 am, during heavy downpour or during dense fogs or smokes or any other conditions when the visibility is obstructed. Generally people have their private vehicles colored in light shades as they deflect sunlight during hot summers hence making the inside less hot. Singapore is always frequented by heavy rains. Cars become almost invisible during the time of heavy rain or fogs. It is only through using car headlights in Singapore cars become visible.

Usage of Car Headlights in Singapore is necessary to prevent accidents and get vehicles getting smashed due to inability of visualizing them.

As Singapore is a left hand traffic country the headlights used here dips leftward guiding the driver on the signs and vehicles ahead with out dimming the traffic. The headlamps need to be adjusted or replaced if the car is transported from a country that has right hand traffic. Rear fog lamps can be used during the time of dense fogs. A single rear fog lamp is equipped on the centerline of the car or on the driver's side. The headlights and fog lamps can be purchased and installed from local car shops and markets.

The headlights need to be cleaned and polished to prevent them getting stained and hazy. The plastic headlight lens can be polished using auto polishes and waxes.

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