Singapore Fashion Tailors

Singapore is one of the cities which is extremely fashion conscious and therefore it happens to be the home for the various eminent fashion brands in the world. This, on the other hand, makes Singapore one of the leading style and shopping addresses. If we start discussing on the fashion quotient of Singapore, then an endless array of brand names will arise one after another. Hence the talk will be never ending. The different fashion houses spread throughout the city have something to offer to the selection of everyone irrespective of age, sex and attitude.

The different range of Menswear, Women and Kids wears are ought to make you fashionable, even if you do not want to act a fashion enthusiast. This is an overview on Singapore Fashion Tailors, one of the leading menís brands of Singapore.

Fashion Tailors Singapore
The Fashion Tailors Menswear Pte Ltd is one of the leading names in the world of menís attire. The brand was established by Mr. C. Y. Chow in the year 1939. He mastered the art of tailoring in the reputed London households in Savile Row and came to Singapore with a dream in his heart to set up an ideal English Tailoring house in Singapore. This is the gist behind the birth of Singapore Fashion Tailors. The journey went on smoothly and met success within a very short period of time. The London drape style of tailoring developed by Mr. Chow earned accolades turning Singapore Fashion Tailors one of the leading names amidst menswear.

The specialty attires created by Singapore Fashion Tailors are,
  • Jackets
  • Suits
  • Morning Coats
  • Tuxedos
  • Kidswear
Excellence of Fashion Tailors
The Singapore Fashion Tailors has been successful to leave their mark in the world of fashion by achieving excellence in various spheres of tailoring and apparel creation. Their key excellence are as follows:

The jackets made by Fashion Tailors bear a mark of finesse which is justified by a creation handled with lots of care. The jackets are not at all stiff and moulds to the body of the wearer in the perfect way. The special attribute to the suits created by Singapore Fashion Tailors are minimum padding in the shoulders and the soft chest portions wrapping round the body in a gentle way. Therefore Ďsoftnessí is the keyword for all Fashion Tailors creations.

Another important attribute of Fashion Tailors to Singapore Fashion is the ďpower lookĒ he has created for all the international executives. The cut is ideal to offer a sophisticated silhouette that primps the personality of the man with dash and flair granting him the million dollar look.

Another best part of Singapore Fashion Tailors is that though the apparels created by them is perfectly contemporary but they believe in old ways to offer the superior look to all their garments. It is their custom to make 70% of the garment by hand. Each and every piece of garment is hand cut and is sewn together by means of hand stitches. There lies the craftsmanship of the garment. Still, Mr. Chow looks after the entire cutting and sewing processes. Thatís the key factor behind the formation of an excellent clientele possessed by Singapore Fashion Tailors. It includes the esteemed royalty, politicians, professionals and businessmen round the globe.

The Formal Wear Hire is also an important part of Fashion Tailors. The firm includes tuxedos, jackets and morning coats in all sizes, for young children to adults.

Contact Address of Fashion Tailors in Singapore
You can reach Fashion Tailors at the following address.
Fashion Tailors
150, Orchard Road,
02-01 Orchard Plaza,
Singapore 238841.

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