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Contact Recruitment Singapore

Singapore is the world’s fourth largest financial centre and is also the most investor-friendly nation in the world. It also has one of the highest per capital incomes in the world. Because of Singapore’s state-of-the-art commercial and industrial infrastructure, and a corruption-free working environment, skilled professionals from all over the world make a beeline for relocating to Singapore after they land a job. Singapore offers the perfect ambience to those with a drive to make it to the top.

Working Conditions in Singapore

You need to work only for 44 hours in a 5-day working week. You also get paid leave for one to two weeks that increases gradually with seniority and period of service. You also get paid medical leaves for a maximum of up to three weeks.

You get to earn salaries, irrespective of the sector you’re in, that are amongst the best, according to global industry standards. You’re entitled to additional perquisites relating to accommodation, transport, and education. You also get a fixed bonus towards the year end tantamount to one month’s salary. Depending on your individual performance, and the company’s progress, you receive ESOPs (employee stock options), and holiday grants. It has one of the lowest income tax rates which is another reason skilled and semi-skilled professionals flock to Singapore.

A stepwise guide to finding employment in Singapore

If you’re an experienced professional, you’ll have to apply for the PEP (personalized employment pass). To apply for the PEP, you’d need to have a monthly salary of $S 8,000 or should be a holder of a valid immigrant visa as a skilled professional. You can log in at the site of the Ministry of Manpower (of Singapore). The PEP pass allows you to stay in Singapore for at least six months when you’re looking for a better prospect. You’re considered eligible to receive the PEP based on your merit.

Start your job search

After you receive the PEP permit, you can start your job search by looking up various job portals, applying directly to potential employers and head-hunters, or seek referrals from family members or friends. The procedure of job search is same irrespective of whether you’re in Singapore or stay overseas. You can also subscribe to the Saturday edition of ‘The Straits Times’. Online networking is the most preferred option, to meet prospective employers.

Submitting your CV

The next step would be to submit your job application and CV along with all supporting or relevant documents. These documents would generally include your academic certificates (starting from the secondary level up to the graduate or post-graduate level), extra or co-curricular activities certificates, and relevant work experience certificates.

The Interview

The interview process is a little protracted and can take up to 2 weeks to 2 months. If you stay abroad, you’ll be either interviewed over phone or report personally at a office branch near your local address.

Taking up the job offer

After you’ve mailed your resume, you might get job offers from one or more employers. You’ll need to make up your mind on the offer that gives you the optimum opportunities for furthering your career prospects. Go through the job contract carefully before you sign. You’ll get about a week to decide.

Visa application

If you’re applying for PR (permanent residency) as a non-Singaporean, you’ll need a PEP pass for which either an online or manual application can be made by your potential employer.

Visa Approval

The Ministry of Manpower issues an IPA (In-Principal Approval letter) to your employer which he mails to you. Upon your arrival in Singapore, you’ll need to show the letter at the Work Pass section to get your PEP pass that is valid for three years and two years for first time and renewal applications respectively.

Moving to Singapore for taking up the offer

Once you arrive in Singapore, you can engage a relocation company to find you accommodation or search yourself. The relocation can also help you meet your other vital needs including healthcare, banking services, and children’s education.

Last Updated On: 18 Dec 2012
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