Employment Pass Eligibility Certificate in Singapore

With nearly thousands of tourists pouring in Singapore every year, the tourism industry has made rapid progress. Various world-class malls, hotels, shopping outlets and other infrastructures have developed rapidly. Since it is a major tourist destination, most of the world renowned companies have set up their offices and outlets in the country, making it the next “technology capital” of Asia after Japan.

Many people come to Singapore to have a great holiday with all the fun and facilities. But, some like to stay longer and want to travel and earn in Singapore. Though, there are pretty strict laws in every country to acquire a work VISA in most of the countries. But, the laws of Singapore are exceptionally smooth. All one needs to do is acquire an Employment Pass Eligibility Certificate.

An Employment Pass Eligibility Certificate (EPEC) is a certificate that allows non-Singapore citizens to search for work and stay in Singapore for upto an year. That is, this certificate allows foreigners to work in Singapore and even facilitates job search for an year or two.

Singapore has a strong bond of international and cosmopolitan culture that attracts many people to stay and work in Singapore. With one of the finest living standards and facilities, it is like a dream come true. Also, the government of Singapore is stable, further strengthening the economic base of the country and ensuring continuous development, generating more and more job opportunities each day.

With so many employment opportunities available within the country, one can easily pick and choose jobs that suit his or her profile. The Employment Pass Eligibility Certificate allows one to legally enter Singapore to look for jobs. Though, under this Certificate one is not allowed to work, but only search for the job, i.e. only look for the job. After finding a suitable job, one can apply for an Employment Pass and become eligible to work in Singapore. She/he may also get their spouse, children and other dependents to stay with them, after acquiring an Employment pass.

People with expertise in recognised professional qualifications usually have no difficulty in finding an appropriate job with appropriate paying terms. All the eligible candidates can apply for the Employment Pass Eligibility Certificate online and manually the forms are not accepted anymore. With the e-mail correspondence service, one doesn’t need to visit offices for the progress of the file. The candidates are well informed via e-mail about all the events. The processing period is only 7 working days with zero processing fees.

The Employment Pass Eligibility Certificate also grants the candidates a multiple visit Visa for up to one year, during which the candidates can visit Singapore any number of times and look for job opportunities in Singapore. One must remember that one can get an Employment Pass Eligibility Certificate (EPEC) only once, which means, after expiry it cannot be renewed. Also, on expiry one would have to depart from the country. One needs to apply online for EPEC and one must possess a valid passport and a degree in any course. One needs to follow up regularly and check whatever the demands for application of Employment Pass Eligibility Certificate are.

The scheme started with the motive to attract global talents into Singapore for better development of the nation. Initially the government provided these talented foreigners a descent income and a descent accommodation facility. Now, with more and more people coming in, the schemes have been reformed.

Thus, the process of application of Employment Pass Eligibility Certificate (EPEC) is fast and attractive. It lures many tourists, wishing to settle in Singapore close to the beautiful beaches and even all the modern facilities, which in turn helps in empowering the future of Singapore.

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