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The first thing that an individual does when he/she gets up at the morning is to have a look at the headlines of the newspapers while one sips down the morning coffee/tea. Without the reading of the newspapers our day remains incomplete. In spite of the advent of the television and the radio, the newspaper has been able to preserve its hold over the common mass.It has been estimated that the circulation of newspaper at Singapore in the year 1998, was 1,056,000.

Newspapers in Singapore get published in all the four official languages, so that each and every individual residing in Singapore, are able to catch up with the world current affairs/events. 49.1 percent of the total circulation of newsperson belongs to the English press. Second in lead in this respect is the Chinese press with 43. 9 percent. 6.2 percent is the total circulation of the Malay mews papers and Tamil press is the last in this respect with only 0.8 percent. Therefore it can be concluded that the English and the Chinese newspapers are the major newspapers of Singapore. Major Newspapers in Singapore as far as the English newspapers are concerned it is The Straits Times that occupies the top position and other English newspaper that has made a name for itself is the, The New Paper.

Regarding the Chinese newspapers it could be said that the Major Newspapers in Singapore are the Lianhe Zaobao also known as the United Morning News and the Lianhe Wamboa (United Evening News) a counterpart of the (United Morning News) are the leading Chinese newspapers.

Apart from these there are three other Chinese newspapers that have earned the recognition of the citizens of Singapore and they are the Sin Chew Jit Poh, the Sin Chew Jit Poh and the Shin Min Daily (a newspaper published in the afternoon).The other newspapers that are trying to prove a point in the newspaper industry of Singapore are the, Tamil Murasu (Tamil newspaper), Berita Harian (Malay newspaper) and Today (English newspaper).

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