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Television as well as radio are the two mediums that have pulled in a larger audience for the reason that they are a major source of entertainment. While the radio enables you to catch up with the old classic songs, the television makes it convenient for you to catch up with the old classic movies. These two mediums also keep you updated about the latest news related to the fashion industry, entertainment, sports and other fields.

With the introduction of the Radio Singapura, in the year 1936, the broadcasting in Singapore got a start. The Radio Singapura is the first radio service of Singapore, but during the Second World War, this radio service got closed down. As soon as Singapore achieved liberty after the World War came to an end from the United Kingdom, the radio services were resumed.

With the passage of time at Singapore, the Radio Singapura was merged with the Radio and Television of Singapore (RTS) and the RTS gradually became an integral part of the SBC (Singapore Broadcasting Corporation). The SBC came to be known as the Radio Corporation of Singapore only after the SBC achieved privatization.

After the success of the Radio Singapura, in the year 1949, the Singapore Rediffusion came into existence. The Singapore Rediffusiion played a major role as far as broadcasting is concerned in the sense that the people of Singapore, who resided in the housing area, got to avail the radio service.

The SAFRA Radio of Singapore also plays a major role in radio broadcasting. It has control over two stations, which are the Dongli 88.3 FM and the Power 98 Fm. The languages that are used by these two radio stations are the Mandarin (a Chinese language) and English.

In the year 2001 in the month of October, the Union Works was established, which is a broadcasting entity of the NTUC Media and the SPH Media works. The Unionworks is currently known as the SPH Unionworks.

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