Hussin Sulaiman mosque

Islam is a monotheistic religion and has been around for 1,400 years. The followers of Islam are known as Muslims and they believe Prophet Mohammed to be the messenger of God. There are approximately 1.4 billion followers of Islam, thus making it the second most popular religion in the world. Islam is widely spread throughout the world, particularly in the Middle East, North Africa, South Asia and Southeast Asia.

Islam is practised by about 16% of Singapore's population. A sizeable Malay minority, who constitute about 13.9% of the country's population practice this religion. The remainder is practised by Indian, Pakistani and Arab Muslim communities.


  Mosque Abdul Aleem Siddique
  Mosque Abdul Gafoor
  Mosque Abdul Hamid
  Mosque Abdul Razak
  Mosque Ahmad
  Mosque Ahmad Ibrahim
  Mosque Al-Abrar
  Mosque Al-Amin
  Mosque Al-Ansar
  Mosque Al-Falah
  Mosque Al-Firdaus
  Mosque Al-Huda
  Mosque Al-Iman
  Mosque Al-Istighfar
  Mosque Al-Istiqamah
  Mosque Alkaff
  Mosque Alkaff kg Melayu
  Mosque Al-Khair
  Mosque Al-Mukminin
  Mosque Al-Muttaqin
  Mosque Al-Taqua
  Mosque Anggullia
  Mosque An-Nahdhah
  Mosque An-Nur
  Mosque Ar-Raudhah
  Mosque Assyafaah

  Massjid Assyakirin
  Mosque Ba'alwie
  Mosque Bencoolen
  Mosque Bidadari
  Mosque Darul Aman
  Mosque Darul Ghufran
  Mosque Darussalam
  Mosque Darul Makmur
  Mosque Dawoodi Bohra
  Mosque En-Naeem
  Mosque Hajjah Fatimah
  Mosque Hajjah Rahimabi
  Mosque Haji Mohd Salleh
  Mosque Haji Muhd Salleh
  Mosque Haji Yusoff
  Mosque Hang Jebat
  Mosque Hasanah
  Mosque Hussin Sulaiman
  Mosque Jamae (Chulia)
  Mosque Jamae Queenstown
  Mosque Jamiyah Ar-Rabitah
  Mosque Kassim
  Mosque Kampong Delta
  Mosque Kampung Holland
  Mosque Kampong Siglap
  Mosque Khadijah
  Mosque Khalid
  Mosque Malabar
  Mosque Moulana Md Ali
  Mosque Muhajirin
  Mosque Mujahidin
  Mosque Mydin
  Mosque Omar Kg Melaka
  Mosque Omar Salmah
  Mosque Penempatan Melayu

  Mosque Pulau Bukom
  Mosque Pusara Aman
  Mosque Sallim Mattar
  Mosque Sultan
  Mosque Tasek Utara
  Mosque Temenggong Daend Ibrahim
  Mosque Tentera Di-Raja
  Mosque Wak Tanjong

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