Club Rainbow

The Club Rainbow is a charity organization for the children in Singapore. The Club Rainbow in Singapore looks after the children, suffering from various chronic and fatal diseases. The Club Rainbow was set-up in the year 1992. The Club Rainbow is a registered organization which helps and takes care of over 430 children in Singapore.

Services offered by the Club Rainbow

The Club Rainbow in Singapore offers a host of services like emotional-healing, private tuitions, group counseling and private counseling. They are all provided free of charge.

This charity organization regularly conducts workshops and classes for the children as well as their parents. These workshops and classes are designed for imparting knowledge and information about different topics that will prove useful for their general well-being. It engages the children in different social and extra-curricular activities. The Club Rainbow also provides financial assistance to the families of the children residing in this organization.Many people volunteer their services for this charity organization providing unconditional love and support to these sick and poor children.

History of the Club Rainbow

The Club Rainbow's history can be traced back to the year 1991. In that year, Singapore's Rotaract Clubs arranged a camp to treat the children suffering from different fatal and chronic illnesses. The noteworthy feature of that camp, named as the 'Camp Rainbow' was that the children received individual medical treatment and care from the doctors and volunteers. The camp took the unique initiative of providing an adult company for every child so that they don't feel lonely and friendless during the course of their treatment.

The Rainbow Camp gained huge success and popularity for its unique endeavor in providing treatment and succor to these ill and financially underprivileged children. This led to the idea of establishing a charity for the sick and underprivileged children which will take care of the children's and their families' financial, social, educational and emotional needs. Thus with this aim in view the Club rainbow was founded in 1992 which now lodges and offers medical attention and care to over 430 children.

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