Community Ches

The Community Chest is a charity organization in Singapore. The Community Chest was started in the year 1983 to help the financially underprivileged people of Singapore. The Community Chest is funded by different organizations and institutions. The Community Chest also receives donations and help from many people in Singapore. The Community Chest looks after and provides support to over 350,000 individuals and conducts about 154 charity programs.

The Role of Community Chest The objective of Community Chest is to provide a better lifestyle for the deprived community in Singapore.

With this purpose in view they seek co-operation and financial assistance from generous individuals and organizations that are in a position to help these less fortunate people.

Community Chest aims at establishing faith and honesty between the Community chest and the people of Singapore, Community Chest and the Voluntary Welfare Organizations and the Community Chest and the donor community.

The Four Passions of the Community Chest

Helping the elderly people to lead a dignified life
It has been estimated that in the year 2030, the aged population will constitute about 19% of its total population from what was only 7% in 2000. Community chest provides a dignified life-style to the aged population by taking meticulous care of their needs and well-being.

Assisting the disabled people in leading independent lives.Community Chest regularly conducts a number of Voluntary Welfare Organization Programs for the Disabled and the handicapped people.

The programs are designed to teach them how to live an independent life and earn their own living.

Helps to keep families bonded The Family Service Centers offer help and services for leading a healthy family-life in this fast-paced hectic age. Nurtures the children and helps them to be successful

Community Chest provides financial assistance for the disabled children in order to prevent these children from getting further affected. The Community chest's School Social Work is a prevention-program targeted for the high-risk youths.

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