Food From the Heart

In February 2003, the Food From the Heart opened with its special 'Bread-Distribution' program and since then Food From the Heart has been distributing the unsold breads from the hotels and bakeries to the poor and needy persons, financially underprivileged families and to different social and welfare organizations. This 'bread-distribution' program conducted by the Food From the Heart relies on the initiative and interests of the hotels and bakeries in distributing and channeling the surplus breads to the poor and the needy in Singapore via the Food From the Heart instead of wasting them.

Many financially deprived and poor people in Singapore have benefited from this unique program organized by the Food For the Heart. Food for The Heart now delivers free breads to over 3700 poor people and to 95 charity organizations in Singapore through its 'Food Goodie Bag' and 'Self Collection Center' programs. Food For the heart was established by Mr. Henry Laimer and Ms. Christine Laimer, an Austrian couple. They initiated this unique and highly benefiting 'bread-distribution' program for the needy and the poor people in Singapore on 28th November, 2002.

Mission of the Food From the Heart

The chief mission of the Food From the Heart is to help the economically deprived people in Singapore with food which is the most essential item for sustenance. The Food From the Heart also aims at achieving cent percent co-operation from the bakeries and bread-manufacturers and to carry out the humanitarian work of collecting and distributing breads all across Singapore.

Partners of the Food From the Heart

The generous partners who are helping the Food From the Heart in this humanitarian mission of distributing surplus foods to the financially underprivileged community in Singapore are:

Food Industries
LION Corporation Private Limited
Kings Trading Private Limited
JE International
Hong Kong Street Chun Kee Restaurant
Hong Seng Distribution Private Limited
Fraser & Neave Limited

The Ritz Carlton Hotel
The Regent Hotel Singapore
The Fullerton Singapore
Singapore Mariott Hotel
Shangri-La Hotel
The Raffles Plaza

Werner's Owen
The Sandwich Shop
Sunshine Bakeries
Secret Recipe

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