Kidney Dialysis Foundation

The Kidney Dialysis Foundation in Singapore is a charity organization. The Kidney Dialysis Foundation was set-up in February, 1996 with the help of Singapore's Ministry of Health. The Kidney Dialysis Foundation was started with the aim of offering dialysis treatment to the poor kidney-patients at a subsidized rate. The Kidney Dialysis Foundation is located at the Kreta Ayer Road in Singapore. It is totally a non-profit and independent body. The National Kidney Dialysis Foundation has no affiliations with Singapore's other renal clinics.

The Kidney Dialysis Foundation has offered dialysis treatment to more than 350 kidney-patients and carried out kidney-transplantation operations on 32 patients. The Kidney Dialysis Foundation offers treatment and medical care to nearly 250 patients every year

History of the Kidney Dialysis Foundation

Dr. Gordon Ku established the Kidney Dialysis Foundation in the year 1996 with the help of Singapore's Ministry of Health to offer dialysis to the financially underprivileged kidney patients in Singapore. The Kidney Dialysis Foundation was started with the primary aim of offering high-quality dialysis treatment at a subsidized charge to the less privileged community in Singapore. It was set-up keeping in consideration the interests of the lower-income groups in Singapore.

Mission of the Kidney Dialysis Foundation

The mission of the Kidney Dialysis Foundation is to take care that the poor patients don't succumb to death for lack of adequate treatment. The treatment-charge at the Kidney Dialysis Foundation is much less compared to the real cost of dialysis treatment in other clinics and hospitals. Majority of the patients in the Kidney Dialysis Foundation are charged only $600 for a month whereas the same treatment at the other clinics comes for more than $2000 a month. Doctors working in the government hospitals in Singapore always refer the needy and poor patients to the Kidney Dialysis Foundation.

The doctors also refer the patients belonging to the lower-income-group such as store-helpers, cleaners, hawkers, assistants and cab-drivers to this organization.

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