Metta Welfare Association

The bustling city of Singapore is a major fashion hub of the Asia Pacific region. The impressive malls and The venerable Shi Fa Zhao who is the President of the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and the Abbot of the Golden Pagoda Buddhist Temple founded the Metta Welfare Association. The Metta Welfare Association was established in the year 1992. The Metta Welfare Association was registered as a charity organization in the year 1994. The Metta Welfare Association has received the approval from the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Youth and Sports and also from the Ministry of Community Development.

The Metta Welfare Association is also affiliated to the Singapore Disability Sports Council, Singapore Hospice Council and also to the National Council of Social Service.
Mission of the Metta Welfare Association
The Metta Welfare Association follows the Buddhist doctrine and principles. It believes in giving the best of medical care and treatment to the financially deprived people of Singapore irrespective of their religion and race.


Objectives of the Metta Welfare Association

The Metta Welfare Association is actively involved in promoting humanitarian activities. It is extremely dedicated in its mission to serve the poor and the financially underprivileged people.
To render services to the children, student and the aged people in the community
To offer special training and education to the children with learning disabilities like autism
To offer residential-care and rehabilitation services to the disabled
To conduct training classes for the disabled
To offer medical services to the less advantaged and economically deprived community in Singapore
To offer special care and nursing to the critically ill patients
Render rehabilitation services to the aged people
To offer medical care and render social services

Services rendered by the Metta Welfare Association
The Metta Welfare Association has a social organization and 8 welfare-centers spread all across Singapore. More than 846 people receive help and care from the welfare-centers of the Metta Welfare Association.

Welfare-Centers of the Metta Welfare Association Metta School
Meta Hospice Care
Metta Day Rehabilitation Center for the Elderly
North East CDC Metta Student-Care Centre
South East CDC Metta Student-Care Centers

Welfare -Center for the Disabled Metta Day Activity Center for the Intellectually Disabled
Metta Home Day Activity Center
Metta Home for the Disabled

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