Music For Good

The 'Music For Good' is an arts organization in Singapore. The Music For Good is a non-profit organization promoting Singapore's music. The Music For Good offer a unique opportunity to the music-lovers and musicians in Singapore to serve the community with the help of music. The volunteers working for the Music For Good Programs of the Music For Good
Music Know-How
This program offers music-lessons to the youths of Singapore and introduces them to Singapore's music-industry.
Soul Hospital Tours
The program offers music-lessons to the patients to enliven and rejuvenate their spirits.

Music Mentoring
This program is designed to enable the participants compose music and perform in bands.

Roles of the volunteers at the Music For Good
Operational Management:
The volunteers working at the Music For Food enjoy the unique opportunity of learning to manage and run non-profit organizations. They have to perform various kinds of works and a multi-tasker usually gets a special preference. The volunteers working in this organization gets a fair knowledge and insight regarding the operational-details of the organization. Persons who have specialized in 'business management, 'marketing', 'finance', computer programming, IT, 'designing' which includes web-designing, graphic-designing and print-designing and those who have administrative acumen can take full advantage of this profession.

Events Management:
Volunteers in charge of the event management at the 'Music For Food' enjoy the opportunity of learning about event logistics management and stage-management. They also get the chance of interacting with the famous artists in Singapore. The duties of the volunteers include arranging events and assisting the artists of Singapore and those who are associated with the Music For Good to organize events and shows.

Outreach Programs of the Music For Good
The duties of the volunteers associated with the outreach program include conducting programs, assisting the classes and providing inputs for improving the curriculum.

The volunteers can interact directly with the people benefiting from this particular program. Persons who have an intermediate qualification in music can join the outreach program of the Music For Food.

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