National Kidney Foundation

The National Kidney Foundation in Singapore is a non-profit charitable organization. The National Kidney Foundation in Singapore provides kidney-dialysis to the public free of charge. The National Kidney Foundation was set-up in the year 1969. The National Kidney Foundation in Singapore is supported and run by charitable donations. In 1983, the National Kidney Foundation shot into the limelight after it conducted the first kidney transplantation on a foreign national. From 1994 onwards the National Kidney Foundation started collecting funds using a new technology known as the 'telepoll'.

History of the National Kidney Foundation Dr. Khoo Oon Teik, a doctor specializing in nephrology along with his group of friends started the National Kidney Foundation in the year 1969. The National Kidney Foundation was Singapore General Hospital's first dialysis center. Singapore's first President, Yusof bin Ishak was the patron of the National Kidney Foundation. The National Kidney Foundation officially began to function from 7th April (which also marks the World Health Day), after it was inaugurated by Mr. Yusof bin Ishak, the late president of Singapore.

Achievements of the National Kidney Hospital The National Kidney Foundation carried out the first kidney-transplantation in the South-east Asian region in December, 1991. It hosted the first World Congress of the "Organ Transplantation in Developing Countries" in the year 1992. The National Kidney Hospital started a special 'dialysis-and -fitness' unit for the aged patients in 2002. This special center consisting of 18 stations is Southeast Asia's first. It was a revolutionary step in the treatment of kidney patients. This special center conducted exercise and rehabilitation programs for the aged patients, helping them to live a better and independent life.In 2002, the National Kidney Foundation started the 'Children's Kidney Centre'. This is the first such clinic in the Southeast Asian region treating children suffering from renal problems.

Programs conducted by the National Kidney Foundation Carries out peritoneal-dialysis and haemodialysis for the kidney-patients
Conducts rehabilitation programs for the aged patients
Regularly carries out programs related to public education and prevention.
Organizes corporate and community health-screening sessions
Arranges for organ-donation programs

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