Feng Shui and Suntec City

The origin of Feng Shui is although rooted in China but the traditions and beliefs have spread it wings throughout the world. Feng Shui is the ancient practice followed by the Chinese people to achieve harmony with the environment. It is a practice of placement and arrangement of space following some specific norms that is believed to be a part of the ancient Chinese tradition. Suntec City in Singapore bears special adherence to the Feng Shui traditions and is considered to be the biggest monument to Feng Shui in Singapore.

Our site focussingapore offers detailed information about Feng Shui and Suntec City. Experts are of the view that the success of the mall entirely goes to the Feng Shui traditions.
The Feng Shui experts says that Suntec City lies in the region of Singapore's left hand while the right hand is situated at the financial district of Raffles place. Both the hands together cradle the City Hall. The Fountain of Wealth is deigned to maintain the prosperity of the mall. The design of the mall is equally important to its size. The fountain is made up of bronze and the Feng Shui traditions reveal the fact that water and metal together makes way success to enter one's life. The inward flowing water has two significant reasons working behind it.

In Chinese culture water is regarded as the symbol of life and wealth and the inward flow of water paves the way for prosperity to enter the Suntec City. It has become a custom followed by the visitors to walk three times around the central base of the Fountain touching the water every time to gain some good luck for themselves.

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