Shopping at Suntec

Singapore is blessed with ample of impressive malls to meet the demands of the discerning customers. Suntec City Mall is considered to be the most popular shopping mall in Singapore and features the best specialty outlets for one to indulge in extensive shopping.

Shopping at Suntec is a grand experience and the best place for the shopping lovers to fill their hearts content. Our site focussingapore offers detailed information about shopping at Suntec.

Ideally located within the Marina Center subzone of the Downtown Core Planning Area the mall spreads over an area of 888,000 square feet. Shopping facilities in Suntec can be favorably compared with the other big shopping malls of the region.

Special attention is paid to the comforts of the customers and the large number of impressive restaurants is well known for serving lip-smacking dishes.

The big and glitzy shopping mall boasts of the 300 specialty shops selling a dazzling array of products to meet the shopping demands of the visitors. Suntec City shopping offers wide variety of products available at the same price sold at elsewhere. The Suntec City shopping experience can be considered as one of the main attractions of the city and offers the visitors end number of recreational facilities.

The structural design of Suntec City bears special adherence to the Chinese feng shui. The fashion outlets feature exquisite collections of designer products adored with the modern trends to satisfy the needs of the fashion conscious people in Singapore.

The food and beverage outlets are also immensely popular among the people.

Suntec City Mall is a shopping centre in Singapore,which is located within the Marina Centre subzone of the Downtown Core Planning Area.It was opened in 1994. It also offers a club house called the Suntec City Guild House located on the fifth storey.

The mall has some 360 outlets and has over 4 floors in an L-shaped configuration. To ease shopping in the mall, there are four zones, namely:
  • The Galleria, located on the ground floor of the Suntec Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Centre, and offer international brands for delegates and tourists.
  • The second one is the Tropics that provides lot of outlets for a wider budget range, and put focus on lifestyle merchandise and services.
  • The Fountain Terrace is located around the Fountain of Wealth, and provides specialization in food and beverage outlets.
  • The Entertainment Centre at the north-eastern end of the mall is for entertainment-related activities like a 5-theatre cineplex, a gaming arcade, a fitness centre, as well as the site of Carrefour's first outlet in Singapore,that occupies 13,006 square metres (140,000 square feet) over two floors.

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