Towers in Suntec City

Suntec City Singapore is dotted with some of the tallest and impressive buildings in Singapore. The Towers in Suntec City are the notable attraction of the place and houses one of the biggest shopping malls of the nation. The design of the buildings bears close resemblance with the ancient Chinese practice of achieving harmony with the environment Feng Shui. The architectural beauty of the Towers in Suntec City offers a glimpse of the development the land has acquired for the past years.Outside the buildings lies the largest bronze fountain of the world. It is one of the largest monuments of Feng Shui in Singapore. Our site focussingapore offers detailed information about Towers in Suntec City.

Suntec City Tower 2

The official name of this impressive tower is Suntec City Tower 2. Temasek Boulevard is a bordering street of the tower. The high-rise building is a completed one and the construction was completed in the year 1997. The height of the tower is 181m and has 45 floors.

Suntec City Tower 4

Suntec City Tower 4 is the official name of the building. The bordering street of the building like Suntec City Tower 4 is Temasek Boulevard. The high-rise building is a completed one and the construction was completed in 1997. The 593 ft building is blessed with 45 floors.

The venue hosts several high-profile events and is an obvious choice for the clients. The major events organized at the venue are WTO Ministerial Conference of 1996, the World Economic Forum's East Asia Economic Summit, the Asian Casinos Expo, CAREER, IT Show, Modern Living, NATAS Travel Fair, Singapore Motorshow, VoiceComm, the International Food Festival, COMEX IT Fair, the World Stamp Championship, IAAPA Asian Expo, the World Down Syndrome Congress, and the World Cyber Games.

Towers in Suntec City are the major attractions of the city and the favorite haunt of the travelers.
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