Singapore Telecommunication

Singapore boasts of an efficient and developed network of telecommunication system. The largest telecommunication company in Singapore is Singapore Telecommunications Limited. It has been ranked as the largest mobile network operator in the entire Asia Pacific region. The company privatized in the year 1992 serves 106 million customers. The company now concentrates on providing mobile phone, Internet service provider and fixed line telephony service.

The telecommunication network in Singapore comprises of a modern push-button network. Optic fiber links the 29 telephone exchanges in the state. The complete digitalization of the system makes way for a broader range of service.

There are 1.31 Direct Exchange Lines (DELs) in Singapore and has a developed infrastructure system. The eight telecommunications companies in Singapore provide employment to near about 8,000 people. The other major telecommunication companies in Singapore are AT&T, Goldtron, Motorola, and PCI. The main products of these companies are pagers, cordless phones, communication antennas, navigation products, two-way radios, and cellular phones. Our site focussingapore offers detailed information about telecommunication in Singapore.

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