Singapore Sing Tel

Sing Tel is the abbreviated form of Singapore Telecommunications Limited. It is ranked as the largest telecommunications company in Singapore. It was incorporated in March 1992. The company privatized in the year 1992 serves 106 million customers. Our site focussingapore offers detailed information about Sing Tel in Singapore. The company now concentrates on providing mobile phone, Internet services and fixed line telephony service. Sing Tel has earned the reputation of being the largest mobile operator in the entire region of Asia Pacific outside China. The company has done considerably well in the home market and now has diverted the concentration beyond that for better business purposes.

It owns the shares of the Australian telecommunications company Optus. Sing Tel mainly concentrates on the mobile phone industry and boasts of a total subscription base of 92.42 million as per survey records.

The Sing Tel group of companies includes in its list different subsidiaries, associated companies and shareholding in some of the major overseas entities. Bukit Timah Satellite Earth Station and Seletar Teleport and Seletar Teleport are the two satellite stations of Sing Tel. The state investment vehicle Temasek Holdings owns the majority of SingTel. The most significant members of the Singtel group are subsidiaries of SingNet and NCS Private Limited. SingNet is a popular Internet service provider while NCS Private Limited is an information technology and communications engineering services provider.

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