Starhub Singapore

One of the leading fully-integrated info-communication companies of Singapore is Starhub. This company is completely associated with the operations of telecommunications services. Starhub Ltd. offers a vast range of communications, entertainment and information services to both direct and corporate market consumers.

It delivers the fastest mobile network services in Singapore and also offers multi channel satellite TV services. Besides these services, Starhub also provides high speed broadband services. Starhub was launched in the year 2000.

The other services of the company comprise wholesale, date and voice services. Starhub has become the most successful and innovative info-communication service providers of Singapore.

Starhub Company Management

The Board of Directors of Starhub includes 13 members; their names are given below –

  • Tan Tong Hai – Chief Operating Officer (Chairman)
  • Terry Clontz – Chief Executive Officer
The names of non-executive Directors are –
  • Mr Kua Hong Pak
  • Mr Lee Theng Kiat
  • Mr Nihal Vijaya Devadas Kaviratne CBE
  • Mr Liu Chee Ming
  • Mr Teo Ek Tor
  • Mr Lim Chin Beng
  • Mr Robert J. Sachs
  • Mr Sadao Maki
  • Mr Peter Seah Lim Huat
  • Mr Lim Ming Seong
  • Dr Nasser Marafih
The names of Management Key Executives of Starhub Ltd. are as follows –
  • Kwek Buck Chye – Chief Financial Officer
  • Alex Siow – Head, Information and Business Excellence
  • Chan Kin Hung – Head, Products and Solutions
  • Diana Lee, Head, Customer Service
  • Ng Long Shyang – Head, Sales
  • Iris Wee – Head, Marketing
  • Kathleen Syron – Head, Content
  • Chan Hoi San – Head, Human Resource
  • Veronica Lai – Head, Legal and Secretariat (Company Secretary)
  • Jeannie Ong – Head, Corporate Communications and Investor Relations
  • Tim Goodchild – Head, Government and Strategic Affairs

Services offered by Starhub

The services offered by the company can be categorized as personal solutions, home solutions and business solutions. For their personal users, the company offers services on mobile phones, VoIP services, wireless services and IDD. Their mobile phone services have the following features:
  • User-friendly tariff system
  • Flat daytime call rates
  • Lower international roaming charges
  • Green prepaid SIMs
  • Blackberry services
  • Mobile broadband
  • 3G network services
  • Mobile data facilities
  • Starhub mobile TV

Starhub Company Share holders

The shareholders of Starhub are given below–
  • NTT Communications Corporation – Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation is one of the biggest telecom carriers of the world. It comprises around 120 companies and it actually covers the wide spectrum of communications services.
  • Asia Mobile Holdings Pte. Ltd. – It is a subordinate of the Singapore Technologies Telemedia Pte. Ltd. It basically deals with mobile telecoms investments services.
  • MediaCorp Pte Ltd. – It is the most popular and one of the well established broadcaster of Singapore. Its service areas range from radio, television, publications, press and other many more.

Starhub Company Financial Status

The company’s operating revenue in 2009 is S$m 532.4 (Quarter ended on 30th June 2009). And the profit from the company’s operations in 2009 (first quarter that ended on 30th June, 2009) is S$m 100.6 and the overall company’s profit for the period is S$m 77.8.

Starhub Services Offered

Starhub operates in three main segments and offers a number of services related with telecommunications, entertainment and information. The main services of Starhub Singapore include –
  • Retail sales services
  • Broadband services
  • International call services
  • All sorts of services associated with telecommunication
  • Customer premise equipment sales services
  • Interactive multi-media services
  • Miscellaneous services
  • Satellite services

Rewards and Support offered by Starhub Singapore

  • Birthday Treats –It is meant to give you gourmet treats and other attractive offers throughout your birthday month.
  • Monthly Points – The Company offers several rewards to its customers. With the help of this reward service you can redeem your products facilities and services of Starhub. It also includes dining and lifestyle treats.
  • Privileges – With this reward facility offered by Starhub, you can enjoy some of the best deals, gourmet treats and discounts.
Starhub Singapore offers support services associated with mobile, broadband, TV, voice and other general enquiries.

Starhub Awards and Certifications

This reputed company has won several award and certifications. The awards won by Starhub are as follows –
  • Singapore Corporate Awards 2009 – Two awards
  • Euromoney Magazine Asia Poll 2009 – One award i.e. Best managed and corporate governance company
  • 22nd Annual Singapore 1000 & SME 500 Awards 2009
  • Singapore Top ten Favourite Brands 2009- ranked third
  • Telecom Asia Awards 2009 – two awards

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