Long Term Social Visit Pass

In Singapore persons holding long term social visit passes need to get their work-permit or employment-pass. Applications for long time social visit pass can be sent manually as well as on online. The processing Time for the long term social visit pass through EP Online is 2 weeks. In case of manual application, the processing time for the long term social visit pass is 3 weeks.

Application for the Long Time Social Visit Pass can be also made by the employment pass holders for

  • Parents or Parents-in-law
  • Step children
  • Handicapped children
  • Unmarried daughters who are above the age of 21 years
  • Common-law spouse

The applications for the Long Term Social Visit Pass can be done
  • Manually
  • By EP Online-- It is a portal where the companies can carry out transactions for various employment passes.
    The following application forms can be submitted to the EP Online by the users of this portal:
      --Letter of Consent (in case of holders of the dependant pass)
      --Training Visit Pass
      --Long -Term Social Visit Pass
      --Dependant's Pass
      --Employment Pass
    The processing Time for the Long Term Social Visit Pass through EP Online is 2 weeks and the applicants can also check their status by visiting this portal.

Manual Application --- Applicants are required to fill up the application form and post it to the following address:

Work Pass division,
Ministry of Manpower,
18 Havlock Road,
Singapore --- 059764

In case of manual application the processing Time for the Long Term Social Visit Pass is minimum 3 weeks.

Eligibility for obtaining social visit pass application
  • Person who will not visit Singapore in 3 days time after their last departure from the  country
  • International visitors coming down to Singapore for a short vacation or for a business tour
  • Persons who will not extend their stay in Singapore for over 30 days after their present  social visit pass expires
  • Persons are eligible to apply if their validity period (leaving public holidays, Saturdays and   Sundays)does not expire in 2 days time
  • Persons who have previously not obtained permission to extend their stay in the country.

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