Visas for Entrepreneurs in Singapore

Singapore offers 'visas for entrepreneurs' who want to explore the possibilities of setting up businesses in the country. 'Visas for entrepreneurs' in Singapore provides the international entrepreneurs with manifold advantages for setting up businesses in Singapore. There are three types of visas for the entrepreneurs in Singapore. The 'multiple journey visas for entrepreneurs' in Singapore allow the entrepreneurs to make frequent trips to Singapore.

Global Investor Programme for the Foreign Entrepreneurs in Singapore
The GIP or the Global Investor Programme makes it easy for the entrepreneurs, business-executives and international investors to establish and carry out business in Singapore. Singapore Economic development Board opens up new avenues for business-partnership in Singapore by facilitating the link-up between international entrepreneurs or foreign investors and the local business communities.

Multiple Journey Visa for the Entrepreneurs in Singapore
The multiple journey visas make it easy for the business-executives as well as for the international entrepreneurs to visit Singapore frequently. Persons can make a couple of trips to Singapore (every trip lasting for 30 days) during the time the multiple journey visa remains valid and no further visa application is necessary every time for coming down to Singapore.

Entre Pass is issued to the entrepreneurs who want to start-up a business in Singapore, making it easy for them to enter and reside in Singapore. It is provided only after getting an elaborate business plan from the entrepreneurs. The validity period of the entre pass is 2 years initially. During the time the entre pass remains valid, persons are allowed to enter inside Singapore and leave according to their will any number of times.

Social Visit Pass for the Entrepreneurs in Singapore
The social visit pass enables the entrepreneurs coming down to Singapore to reside inside the country for at least 6 months. During the validity period of the social visit pass entrepreneurs can enter inside Singapore and leave the country without any further applications.

Eligibility for getting a Social Visit Pass
Entrepreneurs are required to stay in Singapore for a longer duration for exploring the scope for business in Singapore.

Validity Period of the Social Visit Pass
The validity period of the social visit pass is 6 months. Entrepreneurs can enter and leave Singapore during the validity period.

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