Chinese Wedding in Singapore

Singapore is well linked with almost all the major countries through air. The Chinese forms to be the majority of the population in Singapore. The traditional Chinese wedding in Singapore involves some interesting customs that have been maintained or performed since time immemorial. Our site focussingapore offers detailed information about Chinese wedding in Singapore.

Chinese Wedding
The tradition of Chinese wedding in Singapore starts with the travel of the groom from the place of his parent's to the parent's place of his bride and then again escorts her back to his place.

The youngest member of the bride's family opens the door of the carriage of the groom while he arrives to the bride's place.

On arrival at the bride's place the groom is expected to face some obstacles and has to bribe the door watchers before getting the opportunity of unveiling the bride. The father of the bride makes a symbolic gesture of handling her daughter to her husband for the lifetime.

The last act of the bride's father in the Chinese wedding in Singapore is to shelter his daughter with a red umbrella that signifies his responsibility of bringing up his daughter. The youngest male member of the groom's family as the tradition states also opens the doors of their car as they both make their way into the groom's house. In the groom's place the couple serve each other a bowl of "duan yuan" which is followed by a traditional "tea ceremony". The tea is made from boiled red dates and dried longang fruit.This is a tradition that symbolizes the respect the couple's bear for their elders at home.

The tea is served by the couples and then the entire family heads towards the office of the marriage registrar. The entire solemization ceremony lasts for fifteen minutes and the Justice of Peace presides over the entire event. The wedding dinner is held late in the evening and is a grand affair that brings together the members of the family closer to each other.

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