Malay Wedding in Singapore

Malay Wedding in Singapore Malay wedding in Singapore is blessed with the fascinating and age-old traditions that are an integral part of the wedding celebration. One of the special features of the Malay wedding in Singapore is that both the bride and the groom according to the customs are treated as king and queen for a day. Our site focussingapore offers detailed information about Malay wedding in Singapore.

The date of the solemnization and the dowry to be given to the bride is determined in the pre-wedding meeting,which is held between the parents of the bride and the groom.The Malay wedding in Singapore are generally arranged during the weekends to reduce costs as well as to accommodate relatives coming from far distant places.

The berinai ceremony held in the Malay wedding bears strong resemblance with the traditional Indian weddings.

It is a tradition followed since time immemorial where the palms and feet of the bride are exquisitely decorated with dye obtained from the henna leaves.

The berinai or henna application ceremony is followed by the tukar pakaian and the raised dais is decorated for the wedding ceremony. Kadhi, a religious official of the Shariat court presides over the entire solemnization ceremony. During the ancient times it was a religious custom for the biological father of the bride to perform the entire function. The akad nikah ceremony is in fact a verbal contract between the father of the bride or his representative and the groom. In order to seal the contract a small sum of money popularly known as the mas kahwin is paid.

The sum amounts to be S$22.50 in Singapore. The wedding feast in Malay is an informal affair, noisy and lively. A bunga telur is given to each and every guest attending the wedding ceremony. The groom is charged with an entrance fee before letting him to see his bride. The relatives sprinkle petals and yellow rice on the bride and the groom as a traditional custom. They are seated on the throne and are treated as king and queen in a Malay wedding in Singapore.

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