Traditional Wedding in Singapore

Traditional Wedding in Singapore From time since immemorial people have paid special adherence to the traditional customs and laws when it comes to wedding.

The traditional wedding in Singapore offers a glimpse of the multi-cultural society.
The modern customs and rules might have left their mark in every part of the social life but people still believe in maintaining the traditional laws while conducting wedding ceremonies.
The traditional Christian weddings in Singapore are generally conducted in the churches.The bride and bridegroom exchange their rings and utter with the priest the holy hymns of the Bible. The wedding is followed by a sumptuous ceremony that offers the guests a wonderful time to rejuvenate with family and friends. The entire affair is extremely traditional and offers an insight into the Christian customs and traditions.

Those who belong to the Muslim category, get married in a traditional Muslim wedding. All the Islamic traditions are followed in the marriage of Malay Muslims. The marriage involves the strict Muslim laws.

The traditional Indian and Sri Lankan weddings are colorful and religiously follow the age-old traditions and customs. For the Hindu marriages a "mandap" is made and embellished with flowers, sequins, silk embroidered materials and other decorative items.
There are many wedding websites on the Internet, you can get various unique ideas of getting married to your sweetheart. You can book wedding venues while keeping in mind the wedding theme. You also have to decide on the menu that will be served during the wedding reception. You can opt for traditional Singaporean dishes for the guests. Singapore Wedding shows how couples get hooked with their partner. Your dream wedding in Singapore will reflect the culture and traditions of Singapore.

So, when you visit Singapore with your sweetheart, why not get married there and enjoy the experience.

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