Wedding Cakes in Singapore

Wedding Cakes in Singapore Cakes bear significant importance in weddings throughout the world and Singapore is no exception. The practice of cutting cakes in weddings dates back to the Roman ages but the tradition is still an integral part of the Christmas wedding occasions. The tradition may have undergone some changes over the years but the significance of the wedding cakes has not lessened and still acquires a special place in the ceremonies.The mouthwatering wedding cakes in Singapore are widely available in the local confectioneries of Singapore for the people to choose the one that suits their tasting buds.

Wedding Cake Ideas in Singapore
There are a many books and websites that cater to the subject of Singapore Wedding Cakes. You can contact a wedding cake designer who will decide on the style and size of your wedding cake. You can help the designer by giving inputs of your wedding gown's color and wedding theme, so that he/she can decide on the type of wedding cake.

Guests invited to weddings usually forget many specifics about weddings, but the wedding cake mostly stands out in their minds. So it becomes your duty to pay a detailed attention to your wedding cake.

While you are trying to choose a perfect cake, you will have to consider the variety of icings and fillings that are available to make your wedding cake tasty and attractive. When you are making a choice of icing, be sure to keep in mind the temperature of the place where you will hold your wedding reception. If you are having an outdoor wedding in summer, be sure to ask your cake designer to make the icing such that it does not melt and lasts for long.

You can make cakes of various types or shapes to go along with your wedding theme. If you are deciding on a Winter Wedding, you could have a cake shaped like a Santa Claus or Christmas gift boxes. You can break the option of traditional round-layered cakes and go for a fresh and edgy square wedding cake.

The couples may experiment a bit with their wedding cakes and choose an exotic flavor that matches with their wedding theme. Some of the flavors you can choose from are plain vanilla, carrot, strawberry, chocolate, hazelnut, almond and yellow-butter. The decorations you can opt for your wedding cake are a specific cake holder, a cake topper or even fountains to go with your cake.

You can try out this site, to browse through their cake gallery that showcases cakes of various style and shapes. You will see the finest collection of Chocolate Fondant cakes here. You can view a collection of exquisite wedding cakes that have been specially designed to brighten up your wedding and to enhance its splendor. You can contact this site through their easy to use online form or you can call them.

You can check out cake shops in Singapore for your wedding. Visit “Gin Thye Cake Maker” located in 423, Sembawang Road Singapore or “Tong Heng” located in 285 South Bridge Road Singapore for a beautiful wedding cake. The site will serve as a good option to browse through a lot of wedding cakes.

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