Anderson Bridge

Like several other bridges in Singapore, Anderson Bridge also holds a special significance in the history of Singapore. Anderson Bridge is almost a century old to its credit. The bridge was built as a joint venture between colonial government and the municipality and took 2 long years to be built. In fact, the bridge was completely constructed in the year 1910 and was officially inaugurated by Sir John Anderson from where the bridge got its name. He was who happened to be the Governor of Straits Settlements and High Commissioner for the Federated Malay States from the period 1904-1911. However, today most of the younger crowd of the nation associates the Anderson Bridge with Singapore’s Grand Prix’s Marina Bay street circuit that took place in September, 2008.

The bridge was constructed in order to replace the congested Cavenagh Bridge, which apparently was unable to cope with the traffic into the town. The latter linked the government administrative area, on the northern bank to the commercial district, located on the southern bank of Singapore. However, after construction of Anderson Bridge, the Cavenagh Bridge was transformed into a bridge for the pedestrians. Going back to the history, the bridge has violent past. What seems like elegance today was nothing less than gruesome. The Anderson Bridge was used to hang deceased criminals’ heads to terrorise citizens and discouraging them to indulge in law breaking. This was mostly practiced during the Japanese occupation in Singapore from 1942-1945, during the world war.

It is located in the downtown core planning area of Singapore’s Central area and is just placed at the Singapore River’s mouth. The bridge is more or less near the Fullerton Hotel, a five star luxury hotel and the former Merlion Park. The bridge connects the financial district to Singapore’s city hall.


The bridge is a combination of plaster and metal work, which is unique and is not found in any other bridge of Singapore. The bridge is marked by 3 steel curvatures with supporting beams of steel extending across them. It also has 2 rusticated archways and a indented pier at each end. The arches have a curved structure in order to impart high resistance to bending force. The abutments were constructed by Westminster Construction Company Limited. This long bridge serves to lower the traffic that goes into the city every day. ?

Romance on bridge
Many Singaporeans have tried to associate romantic feelings with the bridge. For instance, on the last day of Chinese New Year, which also is referred as Chinese Valentine’s Day, lovers come on this bridge and throw oranges and apples into the river. The significance of throwing the fruits is wish fulfilment for a perfect life partner. While the women throw oranges, the men opt for apples with their name and mobile number tags along attached to the fruit. However, none of fruit flinging activities are now permitted, but lovers still throng the area. The surrounding rivers have always been dating spot for several couples and many are seen to be resting near the banks of the river. In fact, it is believed that lovers enjoy seeing their reflections in the river, especially on a moonlit night.

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