The Regent in Singapore

"Miracles" is a sequence of exclusively themed weddings at The Regent in Singapore modified for wedding couples seeking an unusual wedding. Five specifically themed revels are being presented by The Regent in Singapore from which wedding couples can opt from. Jazz, Tranquility, Chinois, Dreamz and La Dolce Vita are the names of these five themes. The wedding planners at The Regent in Singapore will help you to organize a perfect and impressive wedding ranging from a delicate affair to a generous celebration.

This wedding theme allows the wedding couples to relax in creamy and golden imbues with supple fabrics. In the wedding night a saxophone player serenades and a Jazz band provides entertainment.

Emphasis is given on the candles Tranquility wedding theme. A large number of trapezoid candles are displayed along with fresh petals of red roses at the bases of the candle stands. The banquet hall at The Regent is given the ambience of a spa, the earth tones being the key theme for color. The wedding couples will get captivated by light shadows of smoke and Gothic music.

This wedding theme is conceptualized on the basis of a typical 18th Century cross-cultural Chinois wedding. Fully bloomed red roses, bright rose petals, richly designed silk lanterns and an archway of Romance are the central points of focus.

This wedding theme of a garden oozes fullness with misty lights and mild twinkling glow from the tea lights on the floral bases. The love between the wedding couple is united by illuminating a unity tower as a replacement for the traditional wedding cake cutting.

La Dolce Vita
This wedding theme concerns an Italian love issue complete with satin sash, romantic red roses and bronze streams flowing down from the ballroom ceiling. The five Dragees are traditional Italian wedding sugar-coated almonds which signify longevity, fertility, health, wealth and happiness. The modern furnishings, the bar, traditional English club decoration at the interiors at The Regent in Singapore offer the ideal venue for a wedding ceremony.

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