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Beauty Contests are nothing but beauty competitions that are held in various parts of the world at different times of the year. Competitions for men and women are held separately and the contests that are held for men are not referred as the beauty contests but are referred to as events. At these events the winner as well as the runners up are not only judged on the basis of their physical appearance but the other factors that counts are the intelligence, smartness, quick innovative answers to the questions asked, elegance and personality.

The names of these competitions to name a few are the Miss Universe, Miss World, Mr Universe, Mr World and various others. The nation of Singapore also holds a few number of beauty contests for men as well as women that are held every year.

These contests are organized on a large scale and the preparations for these contests starts much ahead of its time at this nation. These contests or events that are organized also provides a platform for the young residents, who win the title of this nation to use their talent so that it benefits their nation in some way or the other. People in large numbers assemble at the venue to watch these contests and if at Singapore you want to catch a glimpse of these events then you are required to book your ticket much in advance.

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