Beauty Pageants for Men in Singapore

Though it is primarily the beauty pageants for women Singapore that has attained global recognition. Beauty Pageants for Men in Singapore, has also succeeded in arresting the attention of the global audience. Beauty pageants for men were not so popular earlier or it could be said that beauty contests were not meant for men. However times changed and male beauty was given its due recognition. It is required to mention here that the beauty contests for men initially started off as body building contests.

It was only in the year 1990 when the main focus of the male beauty contests got shifted to the physical appearance, charm and personality of the contestants and the year 1990 also saw the birth of beauty contests/pageant titles such as Mr World and Manhunt International. However, the credit for organizing the first male model contest, which is currently known as the Manhunt contest goes to Apex Lieu, the pageant director of Metromedia Singapore.

This contest or beauty pageant won name, fame and recognition and it achieved the status of international pageant in the year 1993. Participants from various parts of the world get their names enrolled to participate in this contest. The men who win these contests are awarded with a trophy, a sash and prize money. This contest is held in Singapore every year and it is held on a grand scale. Preparations associated with the arrangement of this contest starts much ahead of its time. Apart from the Manhunt Contest, Singapore also hosted the beauty pageant known as the Mister International in the year 2006.

The venues that are settled for as far the Beauty Pageants for Men, Singapore are concerned can accommodate a large number of people at a particular time. Tickets for these shows/contests should be booked in advance.

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