Miss Singapore Universe 2010

The Singapore beauty events have attained worldwide recognition and the Miss Singapore Universe is a contest that is held every year at Singapore, which is attended by a large number of people. The nation of Singapore tries in its best possible way to organize the beauty contests in the best way possible and this nation always gave its full support to these beauty contests. The account that establishes this fact is that since the year 1954, it has been sending its representatives to the contest, Miss Universe International.

The winner of the title of Miss Singapore Universe gets the golden opportunity to represent her nation at the international contest, Miss Universe International, which is held on a broader scale.

Since the year 2001, the local television station, known by the name of Mediacorp's (a group of companies associated with the media or the media companies that are associated with primarily with radio broadcasting and television) Channel 5 and also the Derrol Stepenny Promotions has burdened their shoulders with the responsibility of organizing this beauty contest. It is required to mention here that prior to the year 2000, the Metromedia Promotions Pte Ltd took up the responsibility of organizing the beauty contest, Miss Singapore Universe.

The winner of the title of Miss Singapore Universe is judged on factors such as beauty, charisma, intelligence as well as personality. This nation achieved a certain kind of recognition as far as the Miss Universe International is concerned, when Kathie Lee Lee Beng (Miss Singapore Universe) succeeded in acquiring a place at the semi finals in the year 1983.

Singapore witnessed its second success in the year 1987 at the beauty pageant, Miss Universe International, when the female contestant, who represented this nation, acquired the tenth position.

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