Miss Singapore World

The nation/country/island of Singapore has always encouraged its citizens to participate in the beauty contests and for this purpose it has lend its full support to the beauty contests of this nation. It could be said that the beauty contest, which is known all over the world as the Miss Singapore World celebrates the beauty of the female residents of Singapore. The factors that are taken into account to select the winner of this title are beauty, smartness, intelligence, personality and the behavioral attributes of the contestants.

The winner on wining the title, is adorned with a crown and a sash on which are mentioned the words, Miss Singapore World and are also awarded with a prize money. The custom that is associated with this contest as well as with the other contests is that the winner of the previous year will hand over her crown to the winner of the title of the succeeding year.

Mentioned below are the criteria of the persons who are eligible for enrolling their names to participate at this contest and they are: The contestant should be a citizen or a permanent resident of the nation of Singapore. Should be between 16 to 23 years of age. Should be unmarried but if the contestant is already married then the marriage should be annulled. Should be a female by birth. Has not won the title of Miss Singapore World before. Has never given birth to a child.

The winner of the title of Miss Singapore Worldwide goes on to take part in the Miss World Pageant.

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