Bookstores in Singapore

Singapore maintains a high standard of educational system from preliminary and secondary school levels to college and university education. Various reforms in the education system have been launched by the Singapore Ministry of Education, Learning Nation Thinking Schools and National Education. These help in complete development of the learning environment in all educational levels with innovative techniques in teaching.

If you cherish a real interest for books on education and wish to study the various aspects of education in Singapore today then you can go through the various educational books available in the various stores on books for education in Singapore. Browse innumerable books on learning, teaching and education from the various stores on books for education. The books are useful guides for the education enthusiasts and policy makers of education.

Select Bookstores located at Tanglin Shopping Center houses a large collection of books for education. Group Investigation and Student Learning: An Experiment in Singapore Schools written by Tan Geok-Chin is a popular educational book available in this store. The book provides insight on various innovative methods of teaching and classroom norms for school students of various standards.

Available in a price of US$17.90 this book is essential for the teachers and the educationists to understand and implement fruitful teaching methods. Transforming Lives written by Schoppert, Peter; Lena Qua & D. McLelland offers impressive write-ups with striking photographs and quotes of various dignitaries on the centenary celebrations of the National University of Singapore.

The book is a valuable resource on the higher education of Singapore. Secularism and Spirituality by Noor Aisha Abdul Rahman & Lai Ah Eng throws light on the Madrasah education of Singapore as well as the general education standard for Muslim students in Singapore. The book contains special papers that provide general guidelines for the education planners. The Role of Parents in Singapore Education by Khong Yiu Lan, makes a survey of middles class parents analyzing the standard of education they confer on their children in the current social scenario. Challenges Facing the Singapore Education System Today by Tan, Jason; S. Gopinathan, How Wah Kam covers details about the various learning systems, new teaching methods and the language policy in Singapore.

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