Bridal Elegance Boutique in Singapore

Bridal Elegance Boutique in Singapore as its name symbolizes is an elegant destination for the brides to realize their dream wedding. The dedication towards the work assigned and the passion to meet the requirements of the clients made this boutique a perfect place to opt for designer wedding attires. Our site focussingapore offers detailed information about Bridal Elegance Boutique in Singapore.One of the main features of the boutique is the personalized one-on-one service that offers the customers special attention to listen and pay attention to their personal needs and requirements.

The designers assigned with the job make it a point to prepare and design each and every gown only for the purpose of wedding and nothing else. The year's experience of the designers ensures the customers efficient service and handy advice to make their wedding a wonderful affair. The unique dresses designed here offer a glimpse of the perfect blending of traditional style and sophistication.

The other major services offered by the Bridal Elegance Boutique in Singapore are as follows:
Customized wedding packages available for discerning customers.
The variety of dresses available here is wedding gowns, evening gowns, ROM gowns and cheongsams.
Blazers for men
For all occasions clients may opt for professional make-up and hair styling.
Bridal car decorations
Hand bouquet for brides and the decoration of the venues.
Photographs for wedding
Videography and photography for the wedding occasion.
ROM photography
Consulting services along with wedding planning.
It also does printing of invitation cards and personalization of red packets.

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