Chinese Dinner in Singapore

You can have your Chinese Dinner in Singapore in a dimly lit cozy setting for enjoying your food to the most. A wide selection of Chinese cuisine is available for you if you really want to pamper your taste buds with the Chinese flavors of Singapore. You can choose from the Cantonese, Sichuan, Hiananese, Hokkien, Teochew and Foochow trends of Chinese cuisine and enjoy your dinner in an elegant interior decorated with luxurious furniture, bright chandeliers, Chinese wall hangings and long red carpets.

Be it double-boiled duck soups or double-boiled fish blended with Tian Ma herbs, Teo-Chow dumplings, turnip rolls, wine chicken, fried asparagus or boiled congee just have a taste of these Chinese delicacies for having the true flavor of Chinese dinner in Singapore. You can also complete your Chinese dinner with Chinese Choy sum, loh bak, pork rib and winter melon soup. A popular item of Chinese dinner in Singapore is "Buddha jumps over the wall". You can surely try this dish for your Chinese dinner. Chinese soup prepared with the ingredients like fish maw, shark's fin, abalone and Chinese ham is also one the most well-liked items made for Chinese dinner in Singapore.

Other trendy items for Chinese dinner are barbecued Beijing ducks and Double-boiled Superior Shark's Fin served with a bacon onion roll. If you a lover of meat, you can surely opt for Baked Lamb Rack in Red Wine served along Garden Green. The meat is softened with molten butter and easily comes out from the bones. A memorable item for you Chinese dinner in Singapore will be Braised Vermicelli with Crabmeat. Vermicelli is braised till it is softened and then it is spread over with fish, crabmeat and pearl mushroom with a topping of an egg.

For having the experience of enjoying an authentic Chinese dinner in Singapore, Lei Garden, Shang Palace and Summer Pavilion are the most suitable places with perfectly comfortable Chinese ambiences. Along with this, the Hawker Centers near the Newton MRT or in the suburbs also serve excellent Chinese food for both lunch and dinner.

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