Delicacies in Singapore

The delicacies in Singapore bear a strong influence of the ethnic diversity of the nation. One can come across Malaysian, Indian, Chinese and even Indonesian influences in the delicacies of Singapore. The significantly rich cuisine of the nation is a major cultural attraction of the land and offers the food-loving crowd ample of choices to please their hearts content. Delicacies in Singapore also shares its space with western traditions having close connection from the time since the colonial era.

The Chinese chefs in Singaporean hawker stalls experiments with tamarind, turmeric and ghee while the Indian Chefs continue the same practice of trying Chinese influences in their style of cooking. Delicacies in Singapore includes the names of some of the special and lip-smacking dishes that have long remained the hot favorites of both the locales and the tourists. Given below are some of the special delicacies in Singapore that leaves your mouth watering.

Ban mian: The flat noodles are handmade and served along with meatballs, vegetables, sliced mushrooms and egg.

Curry chicken noodles: It is a delight for the spicy food lovers. The yellow egg noodles are cooked in a chicken curry.

Oyster omelette: A special Chinese preparation where the oysters are fried along with a mixture of special flour and egg.

Indian rojak: In this recipe various vegetables are deep fried in batter along with seafoods. It a favorite dish among the Indian Muslims residing in Singapore.

Tandoori: A special signature Indian dish where meats are grilled with authentic Indian spices.

Thosai: A south Indian specialty made with rice and lentil. The pancake is served along with sambar dal and chutney made from coconut.

Mee goreng: This Malay dish is prepared with yellow egg noodles stir-fried with chili, tomato sauce and various meats.

Curry puff: This is one of the most delicious flaky pastries available in Singaporean hawker stalls. The pastry is stuffed with potatoes, curried chicken and egg.

Chili crab: Hard shell crabs are widely available in the markets of Singapore. The Crabs are prepared with gravy that includes thick tomato puree and chili.

Cheng tng: The refreshing soup is served either hot or cold according to the wish of the customer. The soup includes longans, agar agar strips, barley, lotus seeds and sweet syrup.

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