Desserts in Singapore

The mouthwatering desserts are an integral part of a complete Singaporean dinner. The desserts in Singapore bear a strong influence of the Chinese, Thai and Indian spreads. People having a fascination for sweets appreciate the Singaporean style of using syrup and condensed milk in the lip-smacking dishes. A wide variety of tropical fruits are used while preparing desserts in Singapore. Apart from the renowned restaurants and food outlets one can even come across special dessert recipes available in the local hawker stalls to satisfy their tastes.

Bubur Cha Cha: A popular Singaporean desert is prepared of yam and coconut milk. Served either hot or cold comes along with coconut milk and sago.

Chendol: This exotic drink is prepared by adding brown sugar, green starch strips and red beans to the coconut milk.

Cheng tng: The refreshing soup is served either hot or cold according to the wish the customer. The refreshing soup includes longans, agar agar strips, barley, lotus seeds and sweet syrup.

The incredible green bean soup can also be tried out for bringing in a variety in taste.

Ice Kacang: The popular Singaporean dessert consists of jelly, red beans, corn, attap seeds and grated ice. Various colored sugar syrup used for topping enhances the taste as well as beauty of the incredible dessert.

Red Bean soup is also popular among the Singaporeans.

Red rubies: Also known as "mock pomegranate" it consists of boiled water chestnuts, rose syrup, ice and evaporated milk. This is basically a Thai-inspired dessert.

Soya bean curd: In this dessert syrup is added to sweeten hot soya bean curd.

Tangyuan: The dessert is also known as Ah Balling. Rice balls are served along with tasting soup.

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