Malayan Dinner in Singapore

Malays form a major part of the population of Singapore; hence, it is quite obvious that its culture and cuisine has blended in to everyday life. If you are in Singapore with someone special or a family and planning an extra ordinary dinner that will make the night memorable, you will have many options for Dinners in Singapore. But your visit to will remain incomplete without a Malayan Dinner in Singapore, with its peculiar mix of spices, which does not give it the Indian flavor, but renders a unique taste of sweet and sour with a hit of spicy feel.

Malayan Dinner in Singapore is arranged in a particular fashion, no matter which restaurant you go to. This arrangement is reminiscent of the Malay culture reflected in the décor and lighting accompanied by some very delectable authentic Malayan dishes. The feel gets enhanced in evening, and therefore, your dinner will surely remain an experience for life. While some restaurants will arrange for the traditional Malayan Music to soothe you as you tantalize your palate with some tasty Malayan dishes, some others still put emphasis on the décor and lighting to transport you to a Malayan world where you can enjoy your Malayan dinner to the fullest.

The arrangement of the food items ca also vary from one restaurant to another, such as one may have a buffet style dinner for you, and another may bring to the food to your table. Whichever may be the serving style at a Malayan Dinner in Singapore, you will always be advised to begin with some appetizers and starters such as Mee Bandung and Malay style chicken soup. Then move on to have a taste of the main course items such as yellow or white rice; Ayam Chilli Padi and Beef Rendang.

You can top it up with other dishes such as Sambal Goreng, Sambal Sardine or Chilli Padi Squid as an accompaniment for the main items. And of course, do not leave until you taste the delicious Malay dessert Malay Kuehs to make it a perfect Malayan dinner. One of the best restaurants serving and specializing in Mayan cuisine alone is Tepak Sireh, which might be a little out f the way for you, but the trouble taken is worth the visit!

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